River Trails: A New Concept on the American River

The opening of the American River Trail in Coloma provides exciting new hiking access to over twenty miles of riverside trails along the banks of the South Fork of the American River in Coloma, California. In addition to hiking access, this new trail will also provide mountain bikers and equestrians with a new trailhead. This […]

Lowering Our Carbon Emissions!

Jan 2009 Greenhouse Action Plan Progress Report In 2008, the GAP helped bring about many changes around camp here on the American River, and we are happy to report a significant reduction in total carbon emissions per guest (people who stayed but did not participate in our whitewater rafting, ropes course or other outdoor education […]

MaLode Letter Writers Support Successful Federal and State Legislation

For those of us prone to nail-biting, it has been a rough few months, what with the impending election and the economic crisis. However, at Mother Lode, we’re feeling pretty optimistic and excited about the future. The River Center, as always, inspires us to stay positive and look for practical solutions, and we know that […]

Solar Trifecta Comes to Mother Lode

What is a Solar Trifecta? This is it! Picturesque is not what you necessarily think of when you mention solar power, yet this view of Highway One just south of Monterey is about as close as it gets. How is it a “Solar Trifecta”? Check this out: First, the Dodge truck you see here pulling […]

50th Anniversary Ropes Rafting

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