MaLode Urges Eco-Approach to Health

The Mother Lode River Center was officially formed in January 2000 with the addition of the Outdoor Education Program and Challenge Ropes Course. This article is reposted each season as a reminder of our ongoing commitment to its founding principles. Some of the statistics in this article have changed over the last 17 years, the […]

Happiness in Nature

river vacation

Does scientific evidence support the concept that there a link between happiness and nature? Scientists working in a variety of areas including psychology, health, conservation, economics, and other disciplines are increasingly asking whether there is a link between subjective well-being or happiness and the experience of nature. A new technique may provide a way to […]

It began with a village…

First tested in Glendale, Arizona, National Get Outdoors Day is not a new concept, however it may be an unfamiliar one. In 2008, the GO Day concept began at the Outdoor Recreation Village during Super Bowl XLII. Over 40 organizations came together at the Westgate City Center, to take advantage of the world’s top media event. […]

Go Play Outside

Time spent in nature is vital to my well-being but I know that this is not true for everyone. Given the option, some would pass on the opportunity to slog an over-loaded pack uphill for several hours; make camp amongst mosquitoes and bears; sleep virtually not at all night after night, and eat things that […]

Health in Nature: The Science

The following article was recently published in “The Current”, the American River Conservancy’s quarterly newsletter. Enjoy! In his book, “The Creation”, Dr. E.O. Wilson engages in a dialogue with an imaginary preacher in order to argue persuasively that both science and religion have compelling reasons to support the good stewardship and preservation of Nature. He […]

Adventure-Based Learning at Mother Lode

Health is more than the mere absence of disease. Rather, good health demands integration of psychological, physical, social and environmental components into a coherent whole. In fact, individual people cannot achieve good health alone. We are all part of larger of systems. We are all connected. To loved ones, to our community, to the larger […]

50th Anniversary Ropes Rafting

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