Campsite Amenities

Restrooms, Showers, Swimming Holes & More!

River Science Program

When you stay at the Mother Lode River Center, you’ll quickly learn why locals affectionately refer to us as “MaLode”.

In addition to the thrilling whitewater rafting, exciting challenge ropes and stimulating outdoor education programs you’ll discover many other reasons people love spending their vacations with us.
  • Restroom Facilities

    • Our free modern solar powered bathroom facilities have clean, hot showers, sinks and toilets. Perfect for families.
  • Private Changing Areas

    • Enjoy privacy while changing into and out of river gear. Conveniently located next to the free restroom facilities.
  • Extensive Picnic Area

    • Bringing your own food? Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while using our expansive outdoor picnic area.
  • Eddy Pools

    • Relax, rejuvenate, and reminisce about your adventurous day in our calming eddy pools along the river.
  • Nisenan Grinding Rocks

    • Learn more about the Nisenan Indians and how they pounded and crushed acorns into flour on the Nisenan Grinding Rocks, right here on our campground.
River Science Program

The facility was great - casual enough so everyone could run around and play freely, yet comfortable too. Flush toilets, hot-water showers, tent cabins with wooden floors off the dirt, cots all set up: the most luxurious 'camping' I've ever done!

Camp Life

We’ll do all the cooking so you can relax with a good book, snooze in the shade, play a game of volleyball, or just sit and watch the sun set.

Our guides will amaze you with their culinary delights, Dutch-oven-desserts and even a river sauna upon your request.

Enjoy a private campfire and gaze at the stars as the river lulls you to sleep.

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Special 50th Anniversary Ropes and Rafting Events

Join us on  for a thrilling half-day of high ropes and rafting—no minimum group size required! Celebrate with us and book your adventure now!

Event Dates: June 15th, June 22, July 20th, July 27th, August 10th, August 17th