Life Skills Development

Team Building involving problem solving skills and trust

Remember the excitement and thrill of learning to ride a bike? You didn’t learn by reading, you learned by DOING! That’s why you’ll learn by doing in our Life Skills Development Program. We’ll foster and help establish life skills development and personal growth by emphasizing self-esteem, trust, self-discovery and responsibility.

Our Life Skills Development Program is carried out by utilizing the various elements of a Challenge Ropes Course. Low element activities occurring close to the ground include games, trust activities, group initiatives and activities involving structural elements that build on problem solving skills and trust, such as the “Nitro Swing,” “Spider Web” and “Whale Watch.”

What are “life skills”?

Mother Lode River Center uses a wide range of experiential methods, outdoor activities and learning models to build morale, develop confidence and enhance a sense of community by building upon these skills:

  • Integrity
    • To be honest, sincere and to do what is right
  • Initiative
    • To do something because it needs to be done
  • Flexibility
    • The ability to alter plans when necessary
  • Perseverance
    • To continue in spite of difficulties
  • Problem Solving
    • To seek solutions in difficult situations
  • Patience
    • To wait calmly for something
  • Curiosity
    • A desire to learn or know about a full range of things
  • And so many more!

youth swinging on a rope

About The Program

Our experience at Mother Lode was exceptional. All your activities were well planned and, most importantly, fun. Your staff was eager to help us make the most of our trip. It brought what we were learning in the classroom to life, allowing my students to make an unforgettable experience and connection.

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