Motherlode/Scott Free Celebrates its 45th!

Greetings and Happy Summer from Mother Lode River Center! As the temperatures rise here in Lotus, the river is flowing happily by our property, rafters are laughing out on the water, and challenge course participants are swinging in the canopy. The 2019 season is well underway, and we would love for you to join us for the best rafting conditions we have had in the Sierra Foothills in a decade!


Mother Lode/Scott Free is celebrating its 45th Anniversary this season. It is going to be one for the books! Our company was founded on the belief that rivers matter. Rivers are the arteries of our landscapes: we need their clean water to drink, to grow our food, and to connect with ourselves and each other. Our creature co-habitants of Earth need rivers for the same reasons, in addition to making their homes in them. And these wild rivers need us.

Mother Lode/Scott Free is proud to have spearheaded multiple letter writing campaigns to protect rivers over the past 45 years. Our over 30,000 letters have helped to protect 15 different Sierra watersheds and we thank you, our awesome participants, for your help in advocating for your rivers, while enjoying their scenic beauty, cool waters, and friendly wildlife (including river guides)!


We had an awesome season rafting high water! Now that it is over, we can look forward to the same snowpack providing exciting, safe, flows all Summer and late into the Fall.  The reservoirs will be full to overflowing and this will ensure a promising season next summer, regardless of what this winter brings!

But don’t wait, now is the perfect time to raft the Class II- III+ South Fork of the American or its Class IV cousin, the Middle Fork. These dam controlled rivers will have seasons that are long and exciting. Further, full reservoirs mean expanded opportunities to enjoy some of the rivers you have helped save, but perhaps have never personally explored. The Class IV Merced River, the Class IV-V Tuolumne and even North America’s most challenging whitewater river- awesome Class V Cherry Creek. These are all rivers your letters helped protect and you should go visit them and savor what you have accomplished! (*Some of these rivers are provided by our associate outfitters)



Our Gold Rush Challenge Course too is becoming increasingly popular here. We are the only raft company in California with a riverside ZIP Line! You can visit us all year long for scenic fun in the canopy of our serene camp on the zip, pipe dream, climbing wall, leap of faith, or balance beam.



Our river family here, including new guides ranging from across the country is stoked to welcome you back and share the newest stories and guide lore from the season thus far. Be a part of something magical and make our 45th the best yet! Click here to Contact us, or here to Book a Trip!

Picture of Scott Underwood

Scott Underwood

Company owner Scott Underwood has enjoyed the privilege of helping Mother Lode share his love of rivers with over 290,000 people. He is proud to have helped facilitate the writing of over 29,000 letters which, in turn, have helped save 15 rivers along the Sierra.
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