2024 Snowpack-Perfect for Rafting!

2024 will be a great year for whitewater rafting on the Forks of the American River! How do we know? The fourth and final snow survey conducted by the Department of Water Resources on April 4th confirmed it : 123% of normal snow water content for this date. This means there will be excellent flows […]

Rafting and Outdoor Education 2024 at Mother Lode

How does the 2024 Rafting and Outdoor Education season look? First, a big thank you to all our participants who helped to make 2023 such a resounding success. Our Outdoor Education and school programs thrived! This trend continues into 2024, so we recommend organizers contact us early to access our remaining dates. Rafting in 2024 […]

As High Water Ends, 2023 Whitewater Rafting Begins!

The South Fork American is open for whitewater in 23! Yes, many of us held our breath through the winter this season, as one storm after another pounded the Sierras! As the New Year’s floodwaters receded, and the damage to our camp became better defined, we began repairs immediately as we hoped for a break […]

Rafting, Ziplining, Packrafting, Guide School x 2, Welcome back Greg!

Dear Friends of MaLode, What’s up for the 2023 season? Answer: Everything! For the first time we are pleased to announce not just one, but two Guide Schools, along with the introduction of “Pack Rafting”, and a rowing instruction clinic. These new activities will compliment the return of a full schedule of Whitewater Rafting, Ziplining, […]

“Pack” Rafting comes to Mother Lode!

What is the best way to encounter whitewater? Some contend it is in a hardshell kayak. Not only is it exciting to be down at river level, with practice, there is the possibility of spinning in reversals, executing extreme moves like enders, squirts, rolls and generally “messing around in boats” in ways that can only […]

Atmospheric River Delivers Rafting Flows!

Chamberlain Falls on the North Fork American River

The atmospheric river is responsible for delivering sufficient water for rafting on the South and Middle Forks of the American River! What is an “atmospheric river”? How can we know what rafting flows will be like? How does this relate to whether California is in drought? If you are interested in the answers to these […]

50th Anniversary Ropes Rafting

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