Conservation of Beauty

Kalalau Valley, Kauai

My wife and I are in Kauai enjoying Christmas with our family. It is great to be here and to be together revisiting one of our favorite places on the planet. A lot has changed in the 30 years we’ve been coming here and yet the attraction of the Garden Isle is still strong for […]

Changing the Climate, One Ride at a Time

By Gina Meredith Two years ago I took a class called, “Ecological Anthropology,” which is about the relationship between humans and their environments. Specifically, it looks at how humans are (or are not) adapting to the effects of climate change around the world. It is a fascinating and complicated subject that had me looking closely at […]

Malode Boys Ride the Elusive Middle Yuba

It’s cold and raining…again. We definitely could use the rain after these last few years of drought, but it’s hard not to long for the warm spring months ahead when the rivers run wild, and boating conditions are at their best. We had some great runs in the spring last year outside of the American […]

Guide School – A Rookie’s Perspective

At the beginning of the week, some of us wouldn’t have known a wave train if it pulled into the station. Others could already j-stroke in their sleep. But all of us left guide school looking at the river differently. The dazzlingly skilled instructors let us learn a lot by keeping their mouths shut and […]

Firsts on Cherry Creek

On these rainy days in the office on the American River, we (the few who spend the winter here) often start to think about the adventures of the past seasons. And while we had many spanning through the spring, summer and fall, the peak of adrenaline and challenge was (for myself and several others) undoubtedly […]

River Guides Imax Adventure

The Mother Lode staff took a break from whitewater rafting on the American River to go and view the new Imax Grand Canyon Adventure: “River at Risk!” This is a documentary film about the Colorado River that has exciting rapids, astounding side hikes and interesting characters ranging from gnarly old Canyon river guides to such […]

50th Anniversary Ropes Rafting

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