The World Agrees: Let’s Get Busy on Climate!

  By Adrienne Underwood Remember this article from 2016? Adrienne is now Communications Director for Physicians, Scientists and Engineers for Healthy Energy. She recently helped make public their study by Stanford University scientists that revealed the toxic emissions of natural gas stoves. You may have heard about the issue after it appeared in the New […]

MaLode Urges Eco-Approach to Health

The Mother Lode River Center was officially formed in January 2000 with the addition of the Outdoor Education Program and Challenge Ropes Course. This article is reposted each season as a reminder of our ongoing commitment to its founding principles. Some of the statistics in this article have changed over the last 17 years, the […]

Changing the Climate, One Ride at a Time

By Gina Meredith Two years ago I took a class called, “Ecological Anthropology,” which is about the relationship between humans and their environments. Specifically, it looks at how humans are (or are not) adapting to the effects of climate change around the world. It is a fascinating and complicated subject that had me looking closely at […]

It began with a village…

First tested in Glendale, Arizona, National Get Outdoors Day is not a new concept, however it may be an unfamiliar one. In 2008, the GO Day concept began at the Outdoor Recreation Village during Super Bowl XLII. Over 40 organizations came together at the Westgate City Center, to take advantage of the world’s top media event. […]

Tell Me Sweet Little Lies…..

By Emily Underwood Bottled water has never made sense. The fact is it has always been an elaborate PR scam, both an invented necessity and a bizarre symbol of luxury. Nevertheless, I buy bottled water sometimes, especially on long car trips. When I do, I often buy “Fiji” water. I don’t know why. I just […]

Imagine Simpler Living – Visit our Yurt This Summer

Our sedentary culture seems to nurse a love of thick-walled boxes that makes us leery of impermanent housing. Who hasn’t sneered at the man who lives in a van down by the river? But river guides will attest to the freedom and joy of transitioning from a stuffy winter box every spring into an airy, […]

Special 50th Anniversary Ropes and Rafting Events

Join us on  for a thrilling half-day of high ropes and rafting—no minimum group size required! Celebrate with us and book your adventure now!

Event Dates: June 15th, June 22, July 20th, July 27th, August 10th, August 17th