School Groups

Rafting, Ropes & Outdoor Education

Our programs for school groups are great field trip or class retreat events that promote deeper understanding and respect of students community, relationship building and teamwork, a well as their vital role in nature’s ecological web.

At Mother Lode we believe in the power of learning in the outdoor natural setting, whether paddling a raft, climbing a tree or exploring the river bank.  We can offer single day to multi-day overnight programs with a variety of meals and accommodations options. Students will leave Mother Lode with a sense of accomplishment and empowerment that will transfer back into the classroom and in their everyday lives.

Compliment Your Curriculum

Our materials will engage students in topics that matter to them – the air they breathe, the water they drink and the food they eat. Compliment your classroom curriculum standards with our environmentally structured outdoor education programs. As students cultivate their new, unique hands-on understanding of the environment, classroom topics will reveal themselves in new, recognizable ways.

Encourage your students to become responsible stewards of this earth! In the 21st century, an increased respect and understanding of the environment and our impact on it will be critical.

Turn your students into critical thinkers and problem solvers by using our educational environment as a context for discovery.

Activites at Mother Lode

On The American River

At The Adventure Center

Team Building & River Skills

50th Anniversary Ropes Rafting

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