Enjoy a few tips and suggestions to make you as comfortable as possible out on the river.  One important thing to remember is to check the weather before your trip and please dress accordingly.

Tops: Avoid wearing cotton.  Cotton sucks body heat away from the body when it gets wet.  Choose synthetic materials because they are quick-dry.  If its cooler, bring a fleece or wool outer layer for warmth.

Bottoms: We recommend wearing synthetic shorts that reach your knees, so there is fabric between you and the raft materials when you sit in the raft.

Swimsuit: We advise people to wear your swimming suit under your clothing, this way when you get soaked by the waves you will feel more comfortable.

Shoes: Closed toed shoes are STRONGLY recommended for all rafting trips.  No need to buy anything special as old tennis shoes work best!  Shoes must stay on feet so flip-flops and Crocs are not suitable as rafting footwear.

Hats: Baseball, sun visors, or brimmed hats are recommended for all river trips for sun protection and that will fit under our helmets.

Glasses and Sunglasses: If you plan to wear either of these out on a trip we STRONGLY advise that you use a “keeper cord” (Croakies, lanyard, etc) to secure them to your body.  Sunglasses are extremely helpful for avoiding the glare off the water.


If you have anymore questions please contact us.