What is your favorite rapid and what makes it special?
Satan’s Cesspool on the Gorge of the American River. I’ve rafted (and swam) through that rapid more times than I can count, but it never fails to thrill me.
Why do you love working for Mother Lode?
Mother Lode is more than a place, it is a people. All Mother Loders share a deep love for the beautiful land, for being in the here and now, and for enjoying life TO THE MAX!
What’s one of your favorite adventures?
Two summers ago, my sister and I rowed the Grand Canyon. I hadn’t been out of cell phone range, unable to see–much less respond to–work emails for years. It was glorious. While rowing was thrilling, I’ll never forget the canyon at night. The tall narrow walls left only a small sliver of stars visible and you could see clearly how quickly the world turned, as we lay cozy in sleeping bags on our boats.