Our Zipline is back for the 2022 Season!

Those who have enjoyed the Zipline in the past remember it to be family friendly, exciting, but intentionally not scary.  It was a popular addition to the “High Ropes” components of the Mother Lode Ropes Challenge Course when we added it back in 2019. Now, after a two year hiatus during COVID, we are excited to get back to having fun full bore and have the Zipline return!

Although a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the Zipline as a rapid descent down a 400 foot long aircraft quality steel cable that traverses the central area of our camp. Designed to ACCT standards and regulated by the California OSHA Amusement Park Ride Division guidelines, our Zipline meets the highest safety standards in the world, full stop.

It begins with a steeper section that causes riders to rapidly accelerate to approximately 20 miles per hour.  As you zip, make sure you enjoy the panoramic view of the camp. On a typical day you will see lots of activity of all kinds.  Someone is likely to be jumping off the “Leap of Faith” at your eye level, 40 feet above the ground. You may hear happy shouts from other members of your group climbing the “Rock Wall”, negotiating the “Pipe Dream” in two person teams, or teetering along the “Balance Beam”. As trees whiz by, below you our guides will likely be moving MaLode’s bright green whitewater rafts toward the South Fork of the American River, where participants are learning Swiftwater Rescue skills in the 1/3 mile long rapid that forms MaLode’s river boundary- “Highway Rapid”. Over the sounds of whitewater churning and boiling, you can’t mistake the happy hoots of boaters who are…….. OOPS, are those guys stuck? Time for some Swiftwater Rescue Skills practice….gotta go!

It is a sensory feast, then, whoa…….. Is that the landing platform already? Time to do it again……

Join us for the full MaLode experience!








Zip Lining

You can add the zip line experience to your whitewater rafting package. Build your outdoors adventure the way you want. If you’ve already purchased the High Element challenge ropes program, zip lining is already included as part of that package.

Request a Date
In order to operate the zip line as a stand-alone activity we need a minimum of 10 fares. Smaller groups are possible but will incur the minimum charge. Individuals may join pre-existing groups. Please contact us for available dates and times: (530) 626-4187.

MaLode Zip Line Experience

When you ascend the steps up to the zip line starting deck, you’ll get an amazing birds-eye view of the campsite. As you glide by the noble Ponderosa Pines and Valley Oaks, you catch glimpses of the gorgeous South Fork American River in between the towering trees. Zip lining adds not only a thrill but a new perspective. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, don't miss it.

Zip Line Safety

Your safety is always our first priority. Which is why our zip line is built to and operated under the toughest safety standards set by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and inspected and certified by CAL/OSHA. Nevertheless, ziplining has inherent risks. All riders must complete a liability release.