Tuolumne River Adventure

A whitewater rafting trip on the Tuolumne River is perfect for thrill seekers, adventure lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts. The Tuolumne is a protected Wild and Scenic river, and is located right outside Yosemite National Park. You can expect exhilarating Class IV rapids, amazing side hikes, and 18 miles of spectacular scenery. It’s not just the thrilling rapids you have to look forward to. You’ll come across crystal clear water, swimming holes, white sandy beaches, beautiful side streams, and plenty of wildlife. The thrills and beauty of the Tuolumne River canyon are hard to match!

The Tuolumne River is characterized by steep and technical rapids that are sure to get your heart pumping! Many rapids on this river feature high drops, tight chutes, and rock obstacle courses. The biggest and most anticipated rapid of the day is Clavey Falls, a Class IV+ rapid.

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1-Day Tuolumne Trip

Price: $289
Duration: 18 miles
Food: Lunch Included

If you’re looking for one action packed day on river, this is the trip for you! You’ll start the day off with the technical and thrilling Rock Garden rapid. Next, you’ll make your way through a crescendo of rapids, all leading up to Clavey Falls, the most anticipated rapid of the day. After Clavey Falls, you’ll stop for a delicious river-side lunch. You’ll get a chance to rest and fuel up before the action continues! Next you’ll experience another Class IV section of the river, ending the day with just as much excitement as you started it with!

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2-Day Tuolumne Trip

Price: $529
Duration: 18 miles
Food: Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch Included

Two-day trips allow more time to experience the beautiful Tuolumne River Canyon. You’ll start the day off with a lineup of exhilarating rapids, followed by a riverside lunch. Then it’s back on the water for more thrills, until we reach our campsite for the night. Once camp is set up, it’s dinner time! You can fish, swim, hike, or just relax while your guides prepare you a delicious meal. After a hearty dinner, you’ll get to settle in as the beautiful sounds of the Tuolumne river lull you to sleep.

The next morning starts out with freshly brewed coffee and a delicious breakfast! While back on the river you will encounter Clavey Falls, the most anticipated rapid of the trip! After this exhilarating rapid, things mellow out for a while. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of the river canyon, and take everything in. The day ends just like the trip began, with another section of Class IV rapids!

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3-Day Tuolumne Trip

Price: $709
Duration: 18 miles
Food: Seven Delicious Meals

This three-day trip is for those who truly want to explore and take in the beauty of the Tuolumne River canyon. You will cover the same amount of river on this trip, but you will have time to experience the hidden gems of the canyon. You will be able to explore stunning side hikes, beautiful swimming holes, and so much more! On the first day you will make your way through the first Class IV section of the river, followed by camping near the Clavey River (a river that feeds into the Tuolumne). Your second day will start out with the largest and most anticipated rapid on this section of the river, Clavey Falls. You’ll camp along the North Fork on your second night. Your trip will end the next day with some mellower, but still exciting, Class III rapids.

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