What’s your favorite rapid and what makes it special?

On the South Fork, my favorite rapid is Meat Grinder. It is long, technical, and requires some finesse. I also love that it is the first big rapid of the day on the Chili Bar section. Another rapid that I thoroughly enjoy is Pit River Falls. This 35 foot waterfall was the first Class V that I experienced, and one I will never forget.

Why do you love working for Mother Lode?

I love working for Mother Lode because it is so dynamic. Mother Lode as an organization encompasses multiple things that I care deeply about – rafting, outdoor education, and conservation. I love feeling like we are all working toward something bigger than ourselves, and engaging the community to help protect the places that we care about.

What’s one of you favorite adventures?

Adventure is a state of mind. Some of my favorite adventures involve hitting a local grocery store with friends in search of the perfect taco ingredients. Other favorites involve rock climbing and hiking for 20 hours straight while summiting alpine peaks, or trail running marathon distances just to get a soak in a backcountry hot spring.