Jennifer SchackJennifer Schack takes her experience driving school buses full of exuberant children and applies it to the equally challenging task of maneuvering the roads and parking lots that lead to the American River, safely shuttling Mother Lode paddlers to and from camp. If you have gone rafting on the Middle Fork, you know exactly what she is up against:) Jennifer has deep roots in the Gold Country going back to her grandfather’s ranch in Cool. She never thought she would become involved with the rafting industry: “I’m a horse person. I always thought rafters were crazy, but now I’m one of them.” Since that first summer at Mother Lode, Jennifer has gone rafting many times and says that her favorite rapid is, ironically, Bus Crash–the only rapid where she swam! Good thing Jennifer has grown fond of rafting, as she may have two raft guide daughters in her future–frequent flyers on the summertime river shuttles with a penchant for “helping” the guides rig the boats.