What’s your favorite rapid and what makes it special?

My favorite rapid has to be Sunshine rapid on the Arkansas river. This rapid at all levels is a tough rapid. At low water it is extremely technical and flippy; at high water you must be very precise or it’ll flip you very fast. However, when you hit the line perfectly, at any water level, it is as smooth as butter.

Why do you love working for Mother Lode?

I enjoy working for Mother Lode because of their mission as a river company: I feel it is facilitating people falling in love with rivers, becoming closer to one another, and to protect rivers. I feel protecting rivers is up to all of us, especially river guides and river companies. Mother Lode is the only company I know of that actively takes a stand to protect rivers and maintain healthy rivers.

What’s one of your favorite adventures?

One of my favorite adventures is the Grand Canyon section of the Colorado river. We did an expedition-style trip carrying all of our food and supplies for 21 days through the giant ditch. This is my favorite adventure because of how long the trip is, the quality of the white water, and being trapped between mile high walls.