What’s your favorite rapid and what makes it special?

Sunset Rapid on the Rio Grande is my favorite rapid because of the challenges it has presented and the memories made while navigating it. The first time we ran it, we were running a scout trip and found ourselves rafting after dark. Right before the rapid is an extremely calm section of the river and then a ninety degree turn straight into Sunset Rapid. It was wild that all of us made it through successfully in the dark, and when we ran it again during the day, it made me appreciate the rapid even more for its technicality and wild ride.

Why do you love working for Mother Lode?

Although I am new to Malode I have already been received warmly into this tight-knit community. I am beyond excited to not only work out on the river but also in the classroom with children and out on the ropes course with participants. I cannot wait to begin rafting, teaching, and facilitating this summer and meet my fellow staff members that I am sure I will soon call family with each summer night spent with them!

What’s one of you favorite adventures?

One of my favorite adventures in the world is camping at Zion National Park. This place has had a special spot within my heart from a young age. Hikes around the towering red walls are humbling, and hiking Angel’s Landing is a particularly incredible experience. The Narrows are awesome: the further you hike into the canyon the quieter and more special those winding canyon walls become. Besides all the incredible sights found here, the Virgin River has to be my all-time favorite childhood spot. My sister and I would spend hours on hot summer days running up the river with our pool floaties and splashing into the cool river. We would ride it all the way down to our campsite just to jump out and run upstream once more.