What’s your favorite rapid and what makes it special? Hospital Bar. I love filling the boat with water and watching my crew’s reaction!

Why do you love working for Mother Lode? I enjoy meeting new people every day, hearing everyone’s stories is what gets me excited about my job. The campus here is amazing; there’s nothing better than working outside with nature all around you. We’re literally on the river!

Favorite adventure? I went to Maui with a good friend of mine, and we explored the island as well as our minds. I had some of the most humbling moments I’ve ever experienced as an adult. I’m into plants in a big way, so seeing a radically different ecosystem was fantastic.

Scariest adventure? The Tuolumne river at high water early this season. It took everything I had, but gave me so much. I thank a few of our guides at Mother Lode for that great experience.