Rivers Plays a Vital Role

Have you ever noticed how wonderfully green with trees and plants the riverbanks are? During our River Science program, we examine the fact that other than being beautiful, these riparian habitats (aka riparian zones) as they’re often called, play a vital role to the health and sustainability of the atmosphere and to the communities that build around them.

Students participating in our River Science program will explore the following topics:

  • Observation
    • Sensory observations and sound maps
  • Properties of Water
    • Water pressure, water density, surface tension and more
  • Water Cycle
    • What is a cycle? Water cycle diagrams and activities
  • Scientific Method
    • Examine the scientific method, collect temperature, pH, oxygen levels
  • Aquatic Insects
    • Collecting samples, observation, drawings and brainstorming

In our River Science program, the great outdoors is the students’ classroom. At Mother Lode River Center we take great pride in nurturing the curiosity and wonderment of our students and rejoice in your ‘a-ha!’ moments.

Once again, five years running, you are all awesome!! We love your personable staff. See you next year!

Lorraine S.

River Science Program

The programs utilize experiential learning modules to focus on observation and appreciation of change, cycles, adaptations, interdependence and eco-responsibility. Students participating in the River Study will be involved in hands-on science studies, giving them an understanding of hydrology, geology and the native species in a riparian environment.

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