10 Things To Add To Your Overnight Bag

Many of our guests ask for packing tips for an overnight trip here at the River Center. To help out – we’ve put together a list of the things you definitely do not want forget!10 thingsa

  1. Waterproof camera– one of those cheap disposable ones work great! No need to bring along your fancy SLR, chances are you will spend more time worrying about the camera…taking away from the fun of the adventure!
  2. Water shoes – old tennis shoes or water shoes are perfect. Stay away from flip-flops, Crocs or anything that can easily get pulled off your feet by the river current. Ideal river shoes are snug to your feet, provide traction when walking on slippery rocks and protect the tops of your toes from sunburn.
  3. Sunscreen/chapstick – summer sunshine in California can be incredibly powerful, so be sure to pack and apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before any outdoor activity. We recommend at least SPF 50!
  4. Comfy clothing – when you finish any activity, whether it be whitewater rafting, a ropes course challenge or the zip line, you’ll want to be able to relax in some comfortable clothing for the evening. Think fleece, sweatpants, wool socks…you get the idea.
  5. Baby wipes – that’s right! They’re easy to transport, easy
    to dispense and offer the perfect solution for cleaning your face, hands, body – you name it. Just what everyone needs when spending a night outdoors.
  6. Hat / headband – when you’re on a river trip, there’s no need to fuss over your physical appearance. Grab your favorite baseball cap or straw hat and you’re ready to go. TIP! Hats and headbands will easily fit underneath all our helmets – protecting your face from the sun and elements. A great solution for those with fair skin.
  7. Insect repellant – the last thing you want to worry about at night is fussing with annoying mosquitoes or gnats. Be sure to grab some repellant for your bag to keep those bothersome bugs at bay.
  8. Trash bag – it’s inevitable. Between the wipes, the exploded sunscreen, Kleenex and everything else, we always manage to end up with some ‘micro-trash’. Be
  9. prepared with a plastic grocery bag or similar alternative to eliminate waste and prevent littering!
  10. Flashlight – for those trips to the restroom at 2AM! If you regularly wake up to use the restroom, you’ll want to make sure you have a flashlight to guide your walk to the restrooms.
  11. Journal or notebook – life and vacations are an adventure! Write it all down and cherish your memories forever. This way you won’t forget a single moment! Read stories to one another on the drive home!

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